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Shadow Gate

Her dying vision had shown her the next world--but her spirit had not made the journey.

Marit was pretty sure she had been murdered. She vividly recalled the assassin's dagger but then she woke alone, sprawled on a Guardian altar, with more questions than answers.

The Guardians once ruled the Hundred, but disappeared in ages past, leaving eagle reeves to manage the peace. But Marit finds this peace shattered as an army ravages the land. Its leaders walk in shadow, wearing the cloaks of lost Guardians.

Marit tries to untangle the web of betrayals that connect her murder with the razing of the countryside, but she can't run forever.
She will be found, and there will be choices: complicity or death.

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"Crossroads is shaping up to be Kate Elliott's best work and is highly recommended to both fans of the author and any readers who appreciate fantasy in the vein of Robin Hobb, Jacqueline Carey, and J.V. Jones" -Fantasy Book Critic

"Mai is a fabulous character, principled yet pragmatic, outwardly restrained but gifted at speaking persuasively when the need arises. It's been a long time since I've met a character in a fantasy novel who appealed to me so much, and it's been an even longer time since I've read a fantasy novel where all elements of the imagined society rang so true. I cannot wait to read the final book in the series." - Geata Poeg na Deanainn

"If Nigella ever decided to write fantasy instead of cook on the telly, this would be it." -SFX


Times Book Reviews:
"Elliott's strengths as a writer are on display in this second Crossroads book. She brings her characters fully alive with stringent detail and attentive worldbuilding. Fans of Elliott and fantasy alike will find this novel satisfying."

Publishers Weekly:
"The human dilemmas grip the reader right through to the abrupt final cliffhanger."

SF Revu:
"A fabulous thriller that grips readers from the onset. . . . exhilarating."

Spirit Gate  |   Shadow Gate  |   Traitors Gate

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