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Traitors' Gate

The fate of the Hundred is at stake.
The Guardians of the Hundred are pledged to protect the land. But their power has corrupted them, and they now command an army that sweeps like a plague over everything in its path.

The hopes of the Hundred rest with the eagle reeves who patrol the land, and with the militia commanded by Captain Anji, an outlander mercenary whose force has already saved one city from destruction. For the Hundred to survive, Joss, a reeve with a haunted past, must unite his comrades into a fighting force that can join with the militia to reclaim the land.

As the great battle for the soul of the Hundred looms, a new threat is rising, one no one saw coming. . . .

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"Kate Elliott's Crossroads series has the feel and color of a John Ford Western. The characters are both believable and larger-than-life, and there's plenty of action." -David Drake, author of The Isles series, Hammer's Slammers, & RCN Series

"The Crossroads series is on the short end of the "epic" definition as page counts go, but each book is filled with all that intrigue and excitement and romance that I need." -Sequential Tart


Publishers Weekly:
"She expertly juggles an ever-expanding cast of memorable and racially diverse characters whose captivating superstitions, passions and fears are the highlights of this expansive and complicated tale."

SFFANZ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand):
"The characters are well-drawn and credible. The world and story are rich without over-embellishment. And always, you get the sense that you are going somewhere. Yes, the book is big. That's because the story is big. The prose is lean and spare, and really, the book couldn't be any shorter.[...]It takes a great deal of skill to get me reading a book without critiquing it. Ms Elliott succeeded. Fans of epic fantasy have a treat in store for them."


"Elliott has said she titled the series Crossroads because it features the meetings of different peoples from different regions and cultures. And that’s what she does...It subverts the expectations of epic fantasy....The Crossroads trilogy is a profoundly interesting one...very entertaining."


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