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In The Ruins

The world of Liath and Alain is breaking apart as The twin destinies of Liath and Alain may yet avert the destruction written in the stars.

Liath must force her wild sorcery to maturity and Sanglant, her husband and King Henry's heir, must struggle to hold the realm together.
A cataclysm has reshaped the very land and seas, and disrupted the war for empire. King Henry is dead, his kingdom savaged by earthly and supernatural forces. 
The Eika warriors thirst for the King's land and power, their enmity sealed by generations of blood. Bitter in-fighting within King Henry's court and the ceaseless attrition of raiders threaten the kingdom.
Those who remain true must stay strong as the shadow of the Cursed Ones falls. Now all who have survived the magical return of the exiled Aoi lands must find a way to mend their shattered territories and take a stand against their enemies in a power struggle that may forge new alliances, or doom them all.

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"A gripping and enthralling fantasy epic." - The Times, UK


Publishers Weekly:

"Elliott nearly brings readers the conclusion of this massive and engrossing series about the clash of religious fervor, ethnic strife and magic. [...] This is a great series for those who love big...plots with a huge cast of characters..."

Fantasy Book Review:
"Effortlessly building suspense and engendering real empathy in her characters...the author has created a fantasy world that resides in the top echelons of the genre."




"A gripping and enthralling fantasy epic." -- The Times (of London)