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Crown Of Stars

In the wake of the cataclysm new alliances form as old ones dissolve. King Henry's kingdom has been ravaged by internecine warfare in a conflict that has been both long and bloody.

As Sanglant struggles to legitimize his own leadership, the Aoi are carrying out random attacks--while implicating him as their leader.

Stronghand has begun a march of conquest into the heart of Sanglant's realm. Adelheid and Antonia have made an unholy alliance. And Sabella and Duke Conrad are moving to seize Sanglant's crown.

Cultures, religions, and races clash in what will be the ultimate struggle for control of this strange new world. And in the end, Alain and Liath may, alone of all people, gain the understanding to prevent.

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Publishers Weekly:
"Elliott has a gift for creating grim, dark settings as well as swashbuckling action scenes (both magical and material) worthy of Rafael Sabatini. This is a splendid piece of intelligent entertainment..."

Emerald City Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Reviews:
"Twist by turn, Elliott deftly satisfies and then confounds expectation, with the narrative as fresh and immediate as when it first began... [A] fitting conclusion to what has been a truly inventive series drawing on all the classic strengths of high heroic fantasy."



"A gripping and enthralling fantasy epic." -- The Times (of London)